Political Correctness is Wrong!

“Why do you have such a problem with political correctness? It basically is just telling you to be kind to people?”

There’s two reasons-

#1- It’s teaching people that they are victims. “You are gay. If someone calls you a fag, then you have been victimized.”

– Maybe. If a person that lashes out in anger and calls any other person a name with the intention of hurting that person, then that is a bad person. However, when I was a kid, children were taught to be tough and to not let words or name calling hurt them.
Remember the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” – I think we need to get back to pushing out that message. Yes, we should teach people to be kind and not to call names, but we should also be teaching people to be strong and confident and resilient and to not let names hurt them. To rise above it. To not be victimized.
You can’t be a victim from someone calling you a name if you decide that it doesn’t hurt you.

#2- This “political correctness” has become very one-sided and hypocritical.

Don’t believe that?
Let me give you an example.
“Hey Steelers, quit playing like a bunch of queers!”
Try yelling that at a football game. I promise you that is frowned upon.
Now, let’s say we don’t know anything about the person. What do we actually know?
We know the guy is a Steeler’s fan, and we know he doesn’t like how his team is playing.
We also know that there are likely some gay players in the NFL. But many gay guys, at least all the ones I know, love to make fun of themselves when it comes to sports. Some of them are athletic, but they’re the the exception. So, yelling, “stop playing like a bunch of queers,” though insensitive, actually makes a little sense on some level.

Now, consider this- There’s a chess tournament at the local high school. One player loses, and he stands up, flips the board over, smashes his fists on the table, yells some obscenities, and storms out.
Someone says, “Chill out, you’re acting like a stupid jock!”
Is anyone concerned that jocks have just been slandered?
Most likely not.

Political correctness seems to only play in one direction. It plays to those whom the keepers of the rules of PC culture determine to be too weak too defend themselves. PC culture, in itself, is sexist and racist because it seems to have made the determination that black people, Mexicans, gays, transsexuals, Muslims, women, and handicapped people are too weak to stand up for themselves and must be protected by the masses of the PC police. That is racist and sexist against those groups. That is assuming those groups to be inferior.

Nobody fighting the PC fight has a problem making fun of “bros” or white people or Christians. That, in itself, states your assumption that these groups of people are strong enough to take care of themselves and do not need your protection.

It’s just one more example of liberal ideas doing the exact opposite of what they think they are doing. PC culture is racist against the minorities they think they protect.

This failure is similar to the failure of identity politics. Identity politics are divisive even though the people who champion them think they are doing something to bring us together. You don’t bring us together with identity politics, you force us to choose an identity and team up with others of that same identity.

It’s similar to the liberal ideological failure of pointing out cultural appropriation. They think that by pointing out “appropriation” they are protecting the culture of a minority, when in fact, they are standing in the way of that culture becoming mainstream and part of the fabric of the culture of this country. It literally works to keep minority culture in the minority by admonishing anyone outside of the minority group for celebrating and adopting it.

I stand for equal rights for all. Equal rights means equal treatment. The freedoms I deserve, so too do you.

When I was a kid, that sort of philosophy was, in fact, “liberal” which literally translates to freedom. Now-a-days, liberal has become something else entirely different, and it isn’t good for humanity.

Be kind to all people. That’s a good rule of thumb for how to treat others.
Be strong as an individual. That’s a good rule of thumb for yourself.
Let’s get back to basics.

Question Your own Beliefs

I ask questions.
I like to stir the pot.
I’m curious by nature.
I do it to my conservative friends and I do it to my liberals friends. I just don’t feel it’s a good idea to subscribe to an ideology and check off all the boxes down the line. When you do that, you aren’t thinking for yourself and reaching conclusions, you are simply following a doctrine that someone else put before you.
It’s no different than religion.
So, regarding all your beliefs, dig. Ask questions of yourself about why you believe what you believe, and instead of cultivating a bubble of like minded individuals, broaden your horizons by making friends, or at least having discussions, with people you disagree with.
Somehow, in the past five or six years, asking certain questions has become very taboo, and the method to shut it down has been to publically shame the person that is asking the questions or bringing an idea to the table that the mass doesn’t agree with.

During Marcarthyism, an era when people were being blackballed from society literally for doing something as small as reading a pamphlet about communism, an era that began to resemble Orwell’s 1984 more than we acknowledge, I believe I would’ve ended up getting blackballed. I would’ve investigated those communist ideas simply because society said they were just like I looked into religions outside Catholicism, in my early twenties, simply because my parents told me they were off limits.

In that same way, in today’s era, the left is pushing the public discussion to the point where anyone that questions their ideas gets slapped with the “alt-right” label. These people sometimes lose jobs and their lives are ruined. This is an era that is once again beginning to resemble Orwell’s 1984, an era where James Demore loses his job at Google simply for exploring the reasons that may have led to the tech industry being loaded up with mostly men, and an era where a girl, Justine Sacco, loses her job because she tried to tweet a joke about AIDS that offended people, and era when a guy (me) who’s married to an Asian, who has worked in the homes of citizens in Compton and Watts daily for 15 years trying to bring health and wellness to minorities in need, who is friends with far more people of color than white people, and sometimes gets mis-labeled as Alt-right for exploring ideas that the left has decided is off limits such as looking into reasons why poverty stricken black families, in the communities I work in, have so much harder of a time keeping their family whole than does the poverty stricken Mexican family across the street. I mean, merely trying to understand the facts behind something should not classify one as racist. You can’t fix a problem by treating the symptoms; you have to get to the root cause. I have transgendered people in my family and I have a transgendered friend, yet I’ve been called a homophobe for questioning whether or not its scientifically possible to be born with the sex of a brain that’s different than your chromosomal make-up, biological differences between the sexes, etc). Yes, we should accept people; that’s important. However, this is a group of people that is suffering and in pain. Merely accepting them isn’t going to heal their pain. Let’s find out exactly why they are in pain so that we can fix it.

Fifteen years ago, I used to consider myself a liberal, but only because I felt that the right, with all their Christian doctrine, was regressive, stifling, and anti-freedom and free-speech.

Now, that tide has turned, and the more I get called names, the more it pushes me to explore these ideas they say are off limits.

We need free speech, we need to be able to discuss ideas and explore ideas. We need truths. Truth is more important than political correctness, and if we are kind to one another and if we can learn how to talk to one another with respect, then we can arrive at the truth without being aggressive and without hurting one another.

Taking away our freedom of speech is probably the single greatest threat to taking away all of our individual rights. Once the freedom of speech is gone, you’re now a prisoner of the state. Just because something is offensive doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be discussed. Even people with bad ideas should have the right to share them.

At Berkeley college, a college that has done great things for moving this country into a more progressive state of mind, they are going overboard. They ban certain speakers from coming to their school. Why? Isn’t that the whole point of college? To hear ideas, to weigh them, and to form your own opinions? Isn’t that how we grow and learn?

Here’s a few topics that the left has decided are settled, topics that they’ve chosen a side on, a side that may be wrong, and a side that might be very bad for society.

Adopting someone’s culture and profiting from it is cultural appropriation and it’s wrong (I would argue that, actually, when groups of people live near each other and interact, they adopt one another’s cultures. They share their cultures, and it’s how we learn to get along and begin to have shared interests).
Blacks can’t be racist (Some people might that anyone can be racist. If you think you are better than someone else because of how much pigment is in their skin, or how much they are lacking, then you are racist).
Biological differences between sexes are a social construct and they aren’t real. (Anyone with children knows this isn’t true).
Affirmative Action is good and Reparations are needed (Maybe. Maybe not. Can we talk about it? Can we dig and look into the numbers and the history and see how it’s affected those who have received it?)
If she says it’s rape, then we believe her. It was rape. (We’ve already seen many cases when women have lied about rape. This seems like a bad idea. How about we consider fairly assessing each situation, and how about we do a better job of making women feel more comfortable about going to police, right away, so that we can get more evidence).

Look everyone,
You are not black.
You are not white.
You are not gay.
You are not straight.
You are a person that is capable of logic and reason and compassion and strength. Let’s recognize that there is only one tribe, the human tribe, and let’s have calm and rationale discussions about how to best get along and help society to continue to advance, and let’s do it without retreating into smaller tribes based on insignificant things such as how much melanin one’s skin contains.

Let’s stop with the identity politics and outrage culture that we’ve created recently. Life here really isn’t that bad, but we’re about to mess it up for ourselves. Let’s work together, talk, keep open minds, and reach conclusions and decisions that make the most sense for society as a whole. But never, ever, can we shut down discussion because we are “offended” or for any other reason. When we stop discussing, we stop growing, learning, and questioning.


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I now pronounce you man and goat

Just watched do an old episode of The Daily Show on YouTube where Jon Stewart refutes the likelihood that legalizing gay marriage will eventually lead to groups of people trying to get married.

He thought that was ridiculous.

I disagree.

John Stewart is a great comedian, and his political points are typically pretty well thought out. However, he’s wrong here. Now that gay marriage is legal (and it’s about time), eventually, groups of polyamorous lovers are going to try to get married and they are going use the gay rights platform to achieve the right to marry.

It’s inevitable.

Eventually, later, some guy will try to marry his kitchen table.

And so what?
Let him.
Quit being sanctimonious about the sanctity of marriage.
First of all, mind your own business.
Secondly, most marriages are miserable, people cheat, people lie, people get divorced.
Marriage isn’t holy. Never was.

You think it’s ridiculous to think that someday polyamorous people will want the right to marry one another? You don’t think it will happen?
You’re not being honest with yourself.
Where my Mormons at?
You think it’s ridiculous to take it a step further and think that one day Sally from Human Resources will want the right to marry her 72 cats?
You’re wrong.
We’ve seen battles for social equality fought in the past, we’ve seen those issues of individual rights won, and then we’ve seen them taken to the extreme.
We’ve seen it over and over and over again.

Just look at the issue of trans people that is happening right now. It’s become more mainstream recently, and that’s good. Trans people used to hide in the shadows of our society and now you have former male Olympic champions on the cover of magazines winning “Women of The Year” awards (I wonder how feminists feel about a former guy winning the woman of the year?) Anyway, the trans issue has been pushed further and further. At first, trans people just wanted to be accepted (and they should be), next they wanted to explore their rights in some gray areas like bathroom usage. Now you have parents giving children hormone therapy because they think little Tommy is a Tammy just because she likes playing with dolls. You have fifty year old men that now identify as 6 year old girls, and we are expected to go along with it. You have people who are “gender fluid” – they are boys one day, girls the next, and some days they are something in between the two. You have people claiming to be trans-species, they aren’t human at all, they are cats.
And so what?
Everyone should have the right to do whatever the hell they want to do as long as their “individual freedom of choice” doesn’t infringe on someone else’s rights.
I don’t know if it’s possible to be born with the brain of one sex and the body of another. I don’t know if this is just a form of some kind of mental disability. I honestly don’t know and I won’t pretend to know.
I do know that some people will be angry that I left the door open to the idea that this might be some kind of mental disability, like body dysmorphia, but I don’t care if people are angered. I deal in facts and reality, and at this point, this topic is still open to debate. I’ll leave it to the scientists to figure out.
All I know is that there are a couple trans-people in my family, they’re nice to me, I’m nice to them, and we all get along.
All I know is that, this week, I saw a bearded person, with huge tits, riding a pink bicycle with a pit bull in the basket.
I don’t know how this person identifies and I don’t care. That person’s choice to have a thick beard to compliment a large chest has zero impact on my life other than the fact that it made me smile because I found it interesting and a little humorous.
So, in a way, it brightened my day.
And I hope that person’s choices make that person happy.
(Notice I stuck with “person” rather than guessing a pronoun? I’m dumb, but I’m no dummy.)

The point is this: we should all be free to do as we choose so long as we cause no harm. Jon Stewart was wrong when he said that allowing gay marriage won’t eventually lead to more extreme things.
It most definitely will.
There was a gay wedding at my house this summer. It was beautiful. Being gay is not a choice, nor should we ever try to pretend it is. And gay people aren’t special; they deserve the misery that comes along with marriage just like the rest of us. I fought and marched for gay people’s right to marry going way back to the late 90s. Just like I’ll fight for the right for polyamorous people to get married, When that fight comes up.

Why? Because their rights are my rights. I am them. There are no “gay rights” or “trans rights” there are only “human rights.”

But please, don’t try to tell me that one day Fred from accounting isn’t going to invite you to his wedding, in which he marries his Luke Skywalker action figure.
It’s going to happen.
Out here, in California, marrying oneself is already a thing.
Don’t believe me? Google “self-marriage” – this is a real thing happening now.
I’ve been invited to a ceremony.
And I can not wait to go. It will be brilliant!

Look, we should all be able to do whatever we want. We get only one life, and that life is short. We all have the right to pursue our individual happiness, whatever that means.
Is it possible to be born with a penis, but a brain that is female?
No idea.
Is it possible to fall in love with a daffodil?
No idea.

But please, by all means, if you think cutting off your penis and changing your name from Nate to Nancy will make this life on Earth slightly less painful and a little more enjoyable, then do it. I’ll call you whatever name you want if it helps makes you happy, and I truly hope it does.
If you think that living out the rest of this existence in a committed monogamous and boring relationship with your electric toothbrush will make you happy, then, by all means, marry that toothbrush. And please, invite me, I definitely want to be a part of that wedding ceremony. I can’t wait to see the gift registry.

Let’s stop judging one another so much, let’s stop pretending that neighbor Joe’s personal life decisions somehow impact our personal rights, let’s stop pretending that we’re all scientists and have the answers to these complex questions, and above all, let’s allow our neighbors to pursue their own individual path towards happiness.

Being alive can be hard. Let’s not complicate it by getting in one another’s way.

Marry your friend Steve’s sweaty sock if you want.
Marry your chicken sandwich if that gets you off.

As long as it’s consenting adults making the decision, why does it matter to anyone who anyone else marries? It has literally zero impact on your life. If your friend marries his pet goat, and you don’t like that, then don’t be his friend anymore. Problem solved.

Live and let live, people!


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