Bullies- Societies secret heros

Bullies provide a service for a society.
Now hear me out-

I’ve always been confident. Even when I had no reason to be.
I’ve always been very positive. Even when things have been bad.
I was also small and I had a smart mouth on me.

So, I got picked on and bullied, A LOT, as a kid. I could’ve crumped, crawled into a shell, and let the bullies win. I could’ve become meager and fragile.

I never did. I always fought back. I got beat up and I got shoved in lockers and had my head stuffed in toilets. I got made fun of, and I took it all in. I never cried, I never tattled, I never let them win.

It made me strong, and from all that, and from small tragedies that have happened since, I’ve learned that, if you stay positive, work hard, and always keep trying, things usually work out in the end.

This “confidence”, this certainty that I’m always going to land on my feet, this complete lack of worry and anxiety, and my willingness to always be honest with my thoughts, ideas, and feelings, this puts some people off, and it makes some people confuse my confidence with arrogance.

I’m okay with that because I don’t need everyone to like me. That’s never been a concern for me.

Once you realize that you are in control of the outcomes of your own life and that others can not hurt you with words or disapproval, you can be free and confident and positive.

Bullying is bad, and we should, of course, try to stop it. That said, it’s a valuable service to society. It can lead people to taking control of their own emotions and their own life and it can help put them on a path towards strength.

I fully believe I’m better for having been bullied.
My kids are small and they’ve got some spunk and sharp senses of humor. They aren’t going to shrink,l in with the wallpaper. This will likely lead to some bullying. I will arm my kids with the physical and mental tools to protect themselves in these situations.

I will not fight their battles for them.

Our society would be much healthier if we were all equipped with the mental and emotional tools we needed to fight our own battles. Instead, we’ve begun a society of self-victimization. This is not good for our future.

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