The kid with the Opossum face

It’s time for a brief lesson in evolution, anecdotally, to help us all understand, just a bit, why men are the way they are and why women are the way they are, and why we need to stop the narrative of “there’s no difference between men and women” and that “it’s all a social construct.”

These are my 8 year old’s teeth.
His face looks like the result of what happens when an old-world British lady fucks a goat.
When I was a kid, I had the same gnarly teeth, and I too had to walk around with a big ugly mug everywhere I went.
Thanks to medical science, I was able to get my teeth fixed with braces. However, had that technology not existed, I would still be walking around with those hideous chompers and it’s very possible I’d have never found a woman to kiss me, let alone reproduce with me.
That said, my teeth were fixed, I became a handsome bastard, and now I have babies. I passed my genetics for these root-rooter teeth on to my first born, and he will now undergo the same corrective process.
Do you see where I’m going with this?
Evolution is determined by the natural selection of certain genetics over others.
Before the existence of braces, I may not have found a lover, and my garbage disposal teeth gene would’ve died with me.

Likewise, it’s not random that men are attracted to women with large breasts or big hips. It’s not random that women are attracted to tall men with broad shoulders. We don’t like these things simply because they “look good,” the question is why do these things look good to us?

The answer lies, again, in the natural selection process. Thousands of years ago, and all the way up until modern medicine, the infant mortality rate was over 40%. Almost half of all babies died for a whole variety of reason. Women with larger breasts were more likely to be able to adequately feed their children and thus their children were more likely to survive. Women with wide hips were more likely to be able to give birth without complications resulting in death to either the mother or child. Tall men with broad shoulders were stronger and more likely to be able to protect their children and wives from physical danger and consequently they were more likely to survive.

The result of all that is that those genes were more likely to be naturally selected, men became more attracted to women with large breasts, and women became more attracted to men with broad shoulders without anyone really being cognizant of why.

In the modern world, there is a strong selection for intelligence as we’ve entered a day and age in which intelligence is more indicative of future success than is brute physical strength. In high school, most girls still connect with their inner monkey and are attracted to the big jock studs; however, I would imagine that, in a thousand years or so, that would likely be bred out of them and you will see the school nerds dominating the popularity index.

This theory (and it’s more than a theory) can be applied to “racial” characteristics as well. I put racial in quotes because race IS actually a social construct. There is no biological difference between black people, white people, Asian people and Latino people. Our race is human. However, there are physical genetic differences in us based on thousands of years of separate evolution in different areas of the world.

Black people have evolved their darker skin due to the conditions of Africa. The sun is more brutal in Africa, white skin simply wouldn’t cut it. People with light skin, in a day and age before sunblock, would be more likely to die early from skin cancer, and thus less likely to pass on their genetics for their skin’s low concentration of melanin.

We can examine nearly every genetic characteristic that is associated with any group of people to explain why they are different, even those characteristics that reside within a group of people that we consider to be less than ideal. However, in today’s political correctness world, we not only ignore these realities, but we deem it “racist” or “sexist” to even discuss them.

It is neither of those things. It’s just scientific reality.

My child has a face like an opossum because his dad did.
I gave him those genes because I was able to get those teeth fixed and still find a beautiful mate in spite of my genetics.
He will get his teeth fixed because we can afford it and those genetics will be passed on.
This anecdotal story is a super, over-simplified and humorous explanation that can help us to understand the complex biological differences between us.
It’s okay to acknowledge that we are different.
We are all human.
We all deserve EQUAL RIGHTS.
This does not make us all equal.
We are not equal.

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