Do you Have AIDS? None of Your Business? Umm, but your cock is in my Butt.

Now preceding, Judge Walker-

Judge- Okay, people, today’s first case, we have the family of an 8 year old boy versus the neighbors across the street.

Prosecution- Yes, your honor, the family invited my clients over to have some bar-b-que and jump on the trampoline. However, there were three broken springs on the trampoline and beneath it was a pit of poisonous snakes. The hosting family was aware of the broken springs and snakes; my client’s child jumped on the trampoline, fell through, and into the pit of poisonous snakes, and now he is paralyzed from the neck down, and is going to have his leg amputated.

Judge- I find the family guilty and liable for one hundred trillion dollars.

Prosecution- Thank you, your honor.

Judge- Okay, today’s second case. We have a woman versus a previous lover.

Prosecution- Yes, your honor, my client, Ms. Jackson, went on a date with Mr. Pimpleskin and retired to his quarters that evening for some furious love making. Mr. Pimpleskin has full blown HIV, and he’s known this for five years. He didn’t inform my client, and he didn’t wear a condom. Now she is lying in the hospital with AIDS.

Judge- I find the defendant not guilty! That is no longer a crime in California.

Prosecution- Your honor, that’s crazy!!!

Judge- That’s the law. Next case.

Prosecution- Oh, I should mention that my client had two beers and her alcohol blood level was .08, and three weeks later in her University Gender’s Study program she learned that regrettable sex, under the influence, is rape. She totally regretted the sex. I mean, duh, he gave her AIDS.

Judge- This is an abomination! The defendant is guilty of rape! Dip him in a vat of honey and throw him in a wolf’s den where they will eat him ass first! You, sir, are a horrible man and you deserve the death penalty!!!

California, my love, I love you, but what the fuck are you doing?


Penis or Vagina? It’s so confusing.

I just heard a statistic that 40% of people under the age of 25 years old don’t identify as either straight or gay, and my mind is blown.

I used to believe that sexual attraction wasn’t a choice; that you were born one way and that’s how it was. I believed that because I could remember being attracted to girls as early as kindergarten. I didn’t choose that, it just was. I had my first kiss in second grade, but it was forced upon me by the friend of the girl I really wanted to kiss. Yes, I’m a victim of sexual assault by a second grader that was bigger than me.

I later “humped” the furry hooded coat of the girl I really liked, during recess (she was not wearing the coat when I humped it)- I called this “tickling” but, in hindsight, this is probably something Harvey Weinstein was doing in second grade. I don’t recall if I asked her permission before humping her furry hooded coat or not. However, I promise you, if you saw this coat, you would’ve humped it too.

We’re getting off topic.

In my late twenties, I dated a girl who had been a lesbian her entire life until we met. Since that time, she’s been straight and is now married to a man. She went thirty years lesbo and now the last 14 straight. She experienced sexual trauma at a young age, and it subconsciously scared her off men. From that experience I learned that trauma can affect and change sexuality.

I also learned that I was able to turn a woman and I manage to work this into 67 percent of the conversations I’ve had since then.

Again, off topic. (But awesome)

A few years ago, I learned about imprinting. This happens mostly with boys and it explains why so many molested boys turn out to be molesters later in life. Something terrible and horrific and tragic happens to them; however, because they don’t know what is going on, it also feels good. This is what is so confusing to them. They are being assaulted and forced into doing something horrific and this damages them for life. At the same time, they forever, subconsciously, associate that with pleasure. Statistically, a VERY high percentage of molested boys become molesters. This doesn’t happen to girls. From this, I learned that there is a LOT that still needs to be learned about sexuality.

Now, today, I’m hearing that 40% of kids under twenty five identify as neither gay nor straight. I guess this means bisexual? Or asexual? I’m honestly not sure. Now, I’m wondering if I had it wrong from jump. Maybe, sexuality is actually a choice. Or maybe its affected by genetics and trauma and choice. Or maybe our sexuality can be impacted by the societal standards of our time. Maybe social norms help form our sexuality. In today’s world, all kinds of things are “acceptable” and “normal” that weren’t when I was a kid. Maybe this actually affects children’s sexuality. Or maybe my generation was repressing things regarding their sexuality without even knowing it.

I’d bet that less than 3% of my generation is unable to identify as gay or straight as compared to the 40% now. That can’t just be due to chance. There’s no way that it increased 37%. Either someone isn’t being honest or societal norms impact sexuality far more than previously believed. There has to be something about the way people are growing up now, in an environment that is more accepting and open to these ideas, that makes them more likely to identify as bisexual or something else altogether.

Now, is it the environment that made them that way? I don’t know. How could I know. I do know; however, that this current generation isn’t the first to identify this way. In Ancient Greece everyone was having sex with everyone else, regardless of gender. That was the norm. Maybe that was the societal norm and maybe that affected the sexuality of the individuals. Maybe that is what we are experiencing now.

I could never see myself being attracted to anyone other than a woman, but maybe, if I were fifteen and growing up in this new era, maybe I’d have turned out differently. Same genetics, same lack of sexual trauma, different setting, different outcome.

Who knows? I certainly don’t. I’m not going to be one of those tough guys that says “no way, not me, bro.”
I’m not homophobic, so that thought doesn’t scare me. I just can’t imagine being attracted to guys. But who knows what affects our sexuality; it gets more complex as I get older and learn things, rather than becoming more simplified.

Basically, we should never pretend to have all the answers.
Also, why does it matter? Why can’t we just accept people for what they are? And why do we have to put labels on our sexuality?
For that matter, why do we have to discuss it so often? Why is our society so obsessed with sexuality and labels? Why am I discussing it right now?
Sexuality is just one more way to play identity politics, and it’s probably no good for us to inject it into every conversation just like it’s not good to inject “race” into every conversation.

That said, understanding these things may help us figure out a way to stop pedophilia from occurring.

So let’s leave it to the scientists and let’s stop judging one another in the meantime.

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The Girl Who Cried “Assault!”

Harvey Weinstein is a creepy rapist that should be locked up for a very long time.
Same with genius director Roman Polanski. The fact that you’re an artistic genius doesn’t allow you to tie up little girls in your basement to be used for your sexual pleasure.
Ditto for Bill Cosby, that creepy dude from Penn State, and a whole gang of priests.

Women who have been raped or sexually assaulted are coming out and saying “Me Too” and I applaud their bravery.

That said, if you are an actress, and three years ago a 91 year old ex-President riddled with Parkinson’s Disease and possible dementia, touched your butt and said “My favorite magician is David Cop-a-feel” you do not get to cry “Me Too.”

This is not sexual assault.
This is a creepy old man behaving creepy.
You were not in danger.
You were not assaulted.

Crap like this hurts the cause, and this is clearly an actress looking for some attention.

If having your butt grabbed by 90 year olds is sexual assault then there are at least fifty women that have assaulted me in Los Angeles in the last five years.

Assault is violent.
Assault is horrific.
I know MANY women who have been assaulted and raped and my heart bleeds for them.
Rapists should be castrated.
I firmly believe that.

But there are a lot of women out there, like the Asian comedian that just went after David Cross because he made a karate joke at her expense, and like this actress, that are trying to capitalize on the horrible crimes that have been committed against other women.

There are also many instances in the past few years of women falsely accusing men of rape, the facts later coming out that the entire accusation was falsified, and nothing happens to these women.

In my book, if you falsely accuse a man of rape, or you cry “assault” for attention when a creepy old guy touches your butt in public, that makes you an evil sociopath.
Stop it.

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