Free The Drugs!

The reason Mexico has changed from a lovely destination to an unsafe destination in the past few decades is because of our war on drugs. Alcohol prohibition is what gave rise to the Italian Mafia in the 30’s. There’s always been a market for mind-altering substances and there always will be. You make them illegal and you create a black market for these substances. That black market always brings violence to our streets. It happened with prohibition and the Italian mafia, and now it’s happened, present times, with Mexican drug cartels.

Regardless of how you feel about “drugs” (everything we ingest is a drug. Everything you take into your body reacts, chemically, with your brain. “Drug” is just a word we invented to put a taboo on certain chemicals because we want to stigmatize the effect of those chemicals); anyway, regardless of how you feel about “drugs” there is no denying the simple fact that decriminalizing them and allowing the sale of them will take power away from the dangerous entities that are running them on the black market.

The best way to win the drug war is by legalizing.
The best way to make our streets safe is by legalizing.
The best and most simple way to immediately cut government spending is to stop locking people up for drug use and sales.

Regardless of how you feel about “drugs” there is no denying that nearly all of them have some positive effects.
Yes, they have negative effects.
However, so does McDonalds, sugar, bacon, dairy, etc, etc, etc. Should those things be made illegal too?

Are we a free society or not?
The answer is that we are not. We are not free to choose what we want to do with our bodies and our lives. We are locked up for doing things that harm nobody other than ourselves.

If something causes no harm to others, then it should be an individual choice.
I’ve been singing this song for years. I’m glad California has gotten with the program on marijuana. Soon, we will be doing the same with mushrooms. I hope we do the same for all illegal “drugs” Ideallly, we should do the same for prostitution as well.

Telling women they can’t use their bodies to make a living is crazy.
How can you pay someone to enter a war and kill another person, but allow someone to use their body to give another person pleasure?
How can it be legal for a man to buy a woman an expensive gift, and for her to sleep with him as a reward (this happens, don’t kid yourselves), but it not be legal for a direct exchange of cash for sex?

We are hypocrites and our laws make no sense, and rarely do we go through the mental gymnastics to consider them. We are passive and weak and we accept what Daddy tells us without challenging it.

When I was a kid, I constantly asked my father “why” – he would usually say “because I said so.” Nothing made me angrier.

Always ask “why” – my 8 year old constantly asks this question, and if I don’t have a good reason for him, I realize I’m wrong, and I let him win the discussion.

We need to start asking our government “why” a lot more often, and we need to refuse anything that is illogical for an answer.

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