Political Correctness is Wrong!

“Why do you have such a problem with political correctness? It basically is just telling you to be kind to people?”

There’s two reasons-

#1- It’s teaching people that they are victims. “You are gay. If someone calls you a fag, then you have been victimized.”

– Maybe. If a person that lashes out in anger and calls any other person a name with the intention of hurting that person, then that is a bad person. However, when I was a kid, children were taught to be tough and to not let words or name calling hurt them.
Remember the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” – I think we need to get back to pushing out that message. Yes, we should teach people to be kind and not to call names, but we should also be teaching people to be strong and confident and resilient and to not let names hurt them. To rise above it. To not be victimized.
You can’t be a victim from someone calling you a name if you decide that it doesn’t hurt you.

#2- This “political correctness” has become very one-sided and hypocritical.

Don’t believe that?
Let me give you an example.
“Hey Steelers, quit playing like a bunch of queers!”
Try yelling that at a football game. I promise you that is frowned upon.
Now, let’s say we don’t know anything about the person. What do we actually know?
We know the guy is a Steeler’s fan, and we know he doesn’t like how his team is playing.
We also know that there are likely some gay players in the NFL. But many gay guys, at least all the ones I know, love to make fun of themselves when it comes to sports. Some of them are athletic, but they’re the the exception. So, yelling, “stop playing like a bunch of queers,” though insensitive, actually makes a little sense on some level.

Now, consider this- There’s a chess tournament at the local high school. One player loses, and he stands up, flips the board over, smashes his fists on the table, yells some obscenities, and storms out.
Someone says, “Chill out, you’re acting like a stupid jock!”
Is anyone concerned that jocks have just been slandered?
Most likely not.

Political correctness seems to only play in one direction. It plays to those whom the keepers of the rules of PC culture determine to be too weak too defend themselves. PC culture, in itself, is sexist and racist because it seems to have made the determination that black people, Mexicans, gays, transsexuals, Muslims, women, and handicapped people are too weak to stand up for themselves and must be protected by the masses of the PC police. That is racist and sexist against those groups. That is assuming those groups to be inferior.

Nobody fighting the PC fight has a problem making fun of “bros” or white people or Christians. That, in itself, states your assumption that these groups of people are strong enough to take care of themselves and do not need your protection.

It’s just one more example of liberal ideas doing the exact opposite of what they think they are doing. PC culture is racist against the minorities they think they protect.

This failure is similar to the failure of identity politics. Identity politics are divisive even though the people who champion them think they are doing something to bring us together. You don’t bring us together with identity politics, you force us to choose an identity and team up with others of that same identity.

It’s similar to the liberal ideological failure of pointing out cultural appropriation. They think that by pointing out “appropriation” they are protecting the culture of a minority, when in fact, they are standing in the way of that culture becoming mainstream and part of the fabric of the culture of this country. It literally works to keep minority culture in the minority by admonishing anyone outside of the minority group for celebrating and adopting it.

I stand for equal rights for all. Equal rights means equal treatment. The freedoms I deserve, so too do you.

When I was a kid, that sort of philosophy was, in fact, “liberal” which literally translates to freedom. Now-a-days, liberal has become something else entirely different, and it isn’t good for humanity.

Be kind to all people. That’s a good rule of thumb for how to treat others.
Be strong as an individual. That’s a good rule of thumb for yourself.
Let’s get back to basics.

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