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Superbad Dad is a humorous website about fatherhood and life, and it’s soon to become an animated series based on the unorthodox Dad-style of a superfluous Dad, J. Matthew. Is this rad dad, Superbad? Or is he just a super bad dad? You decide.
J. Matthew, The Dad, is a Dad that has a lot to say, but given that he lives a life with a wife and two kids, there was nobody in his home that listened to a damn thing he said, which forced him to create an internet persona so he could share his audacious brilliance with an audience of complete strangers who are in desperate need of some strong, charismatic leadership.

They obviously came to the wrong place. Read this site for five minutes and it’ll be clear to you that his followers made a grave miscalculation.

Most of what The Dad has to share is complete and utter non-sense. It’s non-sense that you might relate to, some is non-sense that will serve as cautionary tales in how not to do life, and some is non-sense that will make you pee your pants a little bit due to giant, involuntary, orgasmic belly laughs, but mostly it’s just plain old ridiculous and pointless non-sense that anyone with common sense would ignore. That said, every other blue moon or so, The Dad will drop an epic inspirational knowledge bomb on you
that will explode in your head like a Hiroshima mushroom cloud, it will liquefy your brain, flip your world upside down, and make you stop in your tracks and say,
I’m pretty sure this guy has suffered a traumatic brain injury, but dammit if he didn’t just make a brilliant point.

Come to Superbad Dad to laugh, stay for the heart-warming stories, and maybe take something away from the experience…and we’re not talking about herpes, we know you already had that when you got

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