Before the inevitable liberal backlash comes (and it’s coming) allow me to qualify this statement-

First, I don’t have a type, but I’ve always trended towards Asians, Latinas, and black women over white women.

Also, I definitely prefer the girl with the big, innocent, girl-next-door Bambi eyes with the giant uplifting smile who laughs at my stupid jokes and gives warm loving hugs that feel like a mainline of serotonin straight to my heart over the cold, calloused, waif thin supermodel with the painted face and chiseled abs that dismisses men with a sarcastic eye roll when they comment on her beauty.

All of that said, The Bride loves the Miss Universe contest.
I hate it and have never watched with her.
Last night, she told me she loves it because she’s nostalgic for her past and it reminds her of watching the competition, in the Philippines, with her now dead father.
Given that my mother is sick, I can relate to and respect nostalgia for the parent-child bond, so I decided to watch with her (and I didn’t even make one sarcastic joke- this was hard).
Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice that there were almost no white women in the competition.

I want the stupid #OscarsSoWhite people to get equally upset at this and to raise hell.

Or, maybe we should stop framing every single thing in this world around the amount of melanin people have in their skin, and just allow merit, personal taste, and arbitrary judging to decide these ridiculously silly and inconsequential award shows.

By the way, brown and white babies are being killed every single day in overseas wars that we didn’t vote on, and that don’t benefit us or them.


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