Fighting Racism

Most people are decent people with good intentions.
That said, there are bad people with bad intentions.
Racism seems like a different thing altogether and I think history has proven that it tends to trend down with education and experience.
A racist now-a-days is most likely a person with limited life experience and limited world experience that has been raised in a stifling and sterile environment in which they are mostly only around one type of person, and they’ve been fed lies and ideology their whole life by their parents.
In other words, I would say, most of the time, it’s not their fault.
Just like the kid who is molested by his uncle when he’s 7 years old and later, in puberty, has sexual desires towards children.
This doesn’t mean that either should be tolerated.
Both are abhorrent.
However, by understanding them, we can make a difference.
Yelling at a racist and telling him that he is a terrible person is not an effective strategy to rehabilitating that racist and making the world a better place.
If anything, it just makes him dig in his heels regarding his beliefs.
If you find a racist, see if you can’t sit him down, one on one, and talk it out. I bet that, more often than not, if you keep your cool, stay logical, and don’t get emotional, that you can change that racist’s mind. I’m betting you can make a difference. I’m betting that you can improve the world a little bit.
I know, I know, I know, it’s “easy for a white guy to say this.”
But I’m a white guy that has spent the last 20 years working 50 hours a week in nearly all black and brown communities: Compton, Watts, Inglewood.
I work in people’s homes.
I’ve had plenty of racists come at me with their illogical positions. I’ve had plenty of experiences with people who have been victims of racism and people who’ve made false assumptions about me because I’m a white guy.
I’ve been able to change minds.
Before this, I spent two years working in the Deep South, again, in people’s homes. This time, I ran into some white people that had faulty ideas about minorities. These people really didn’t like it when they found out I had a black girlfriend.
But I didn’t yell.
I didn’t call names.
We talked it out.
And I know, for fact, that I changed some minds.
We are all capable of communicating without losing our shit.
We can all do this.
Let’s start having some constructive conversations.
For the past couple years, there has been Very little open and honest conversation and TONS of fighting about race. It’s not been constructive. It’s been people in one ideological bubble screaming at people in the other ideological bubble.
That doesn’t work.
That makes people dig in their heels, and other people, on the sidelines, end up getting dragged into a fight they don’t want to have.
I don’t want to sound like some hippie “fag”, but let’s just try loving one another a little more. Let’s try understanding where we are all coming from and let’s talk these things out.
I said the same thing, in 2001, regarding terrorism.
Of course, you have to fight terrorism.
But if you want to defeat it, you need to understand where they are coming from, and you need to know their motivations.
I’m still not sure we’ve done that.
I’m not saying we can talk our way through that problem, but if we would’ve spent a little time and logic trying to understand why they were angry, if we considered their motivations, their limited life experiences, the bubble that they live in, then we might have had an easier time defeating their ideology.
We didn’t do any of that.
If you want to defeat racism, you need to understand where it comes from first.
It’s based in fear, ignorance, and tribalism.
Screaming at them, calling them names, all this does is affirms their positions.
You’ve solved nothing.

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