Queer as Fuck Vs Master of None

Insecure, Master of None, Dear White People- all these new shows are preaching at me, and I don’t appreciate it.

More than fifteen years ago, Queer as Folk came out on Showtime, and I found it to be the most interesting show of its time. It was entertaining and and funny and interesting and smart, and it was all about gay dudes acting super gay. Pittsburgh bath house sex, pre-Grinder public park meet-up sex, and graphic gay orgies. They put dicks in places I never knew dicks could dare to go. I didn’t love the sex scenes, but the characters were riveting as hell. The hero, “Brian Kinney” a super-gay stud that was a self-centered sex-addict that somehow always seemed to do the right thing and was such a fascinating character that I even bought a t-shirt reading, “What would Brian Kinney do?”

The show was so gay it should’ve been called Queer as Fuck, but I dug it because it didn’t preach at me; it just gave me a little sneak peek into a world that I wasn’t a part of. It was fascinating as fuck and it wasn’t ever being political just for the sake of being political. Back then, being political wasn’t cool. There weren’t phonies out there pushing agendas just to get “likes.”

Today, all these shows want to score little political brownie points on social justice issues by forcing their opinions down your throats. I watched only one episode of “Dear White People” because it was a terrible show, but the first episode seemed to want to convey the message that white college kids are terrible people that like to dress up in black face at frat parties. After that debacle, I gave it a second chance. I made it ten minutes into episode two. It’s awful.

Now, I made it four episodes deep into a semi-entertaining show called “Master of None” before I had to quit. It’s starring an Indian guy (Aziz Ansari) who’s playing a normal Indian guy and making millions of dollars while playing a normal Indian guy, but the premise of the show is that Indian men can’t get acting roles unless they are playing 7/11 clerks. First of all, you’re an Indian guy that has his own show, and you’re one of the biggest selling comics in the world (despite not being very funny); so you’re probably not the one who should preach that Indian guys can’t get television roles unless they are playing 7/11 guys, even if that concept is true.

Regardless, if I’m tuning in to watch your show, I obviously don’t have a problem with watching an Indian dude in a lead role. You’re preaching at a guy that doesn’t need to hear it. The guy who needs to hear it isn’t tuning in because that guy isn’t interested in watching a show starring an Indian guy.

You can put a dozen gay guys, a score of black men, some transsexuals and a bunch of illegal immigrants into a show and I’m definitely tuning in because that sounds really interesting to me. If the show is good, I’m staying. If it stinks, I’m out. There are modern shows out there, like Queer as Folk, that are great shows, without a straight white guy in sight, and they don’t preach: Transparent, Blackish, Atlanta, Snowfall, I could go on. I’m all in on these. They tell a story from their characters point of view in an entertaining way. But as soon as you start preaching at me, I’m out.

Just be interesting.
And stop preaching to the choir.
The choir is getting annoyed.
Wow us with your creativity.
Stop playing politics just because it’s become the new hip thing to do.
It’s so insincere.

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