To Kneel or Not To Kneel

Here’s how I know the left has a point when they talk about “institutional racism.”

Currently, Puerto Rico is F-U-C-K-E-D, big time. People are dying there. Puerto Rico is part of America. It’s not yet a state, but it likely will be soon.

Given the disaster we have there, all anyone wants to talk about is “to kneel or not to kneel,” and it’s pretty shameful. If Puerto Rico was called Rick’s Port and it was filled with white people, you know GD well that would be leading the news every single day, and it would be the thing everyone was talking about.

However, it’s not just conservatives that are guilty of this “institutional racism” it’s liberals as well. They only talk about “institutional racism” when they are talking about black people getting shot or the incarceration of non-violent black men because those subjects get traction, those subjects get them attention, those subjects are “sexy.”  

I’ve heard Lebron’s take on the kneel v stand issue, I’ve heard President Trump, I’ve heard Ben Rothlisberger, I’ve heard them all…

They’re all a bunch of self-involved phonies who put out a message that lies in their best self-interest. I don’t believe a single one of them cares or is sincere about what they are saying. They are all working an angle and it’s disgusting.

War in Afghanistan continues, we kill innocent civilians on the daily, our boys get sent home in body bags fighting an enemy that isn’t clear to them, with no clearly defined objective or path to victory; 5 million babies die in Africa every year because they don’t have clean drinking water; Puerto Rico is a mess, yet all we seem to want to talk about is kneeling vs standing, who can poop in which bathroom, and other ridiculous things.

Conservatives blame the Liberals and the Liberals blame the Conservatives, and everyone blames the media.

Well, here’s the thing about the media- they’re like Hollywood, they give you want you want. They feed you the stories they know you will tune into because they need to make that advertising money. 

Is it ethical?
But that’s capitalism.

So, the responsibility falls with us. Don’t watch CNN, MSNBC and Fox. Don’t go on Vox or the Huffington Post or any other outlet that feeds you these click-bait stories. I don’t do it. I haven’t in many years.

America is the greatest country in the world. It’s great because of it’s freedoms and the compassion of the people combined with their spirit and drive to succeed. That said, as a whole, we’ve become lazy, self-centered, and spoiled rotten. ALL OF US. 

Take your heads out of your butts, stop pointing the finger, look in the mirror and figure out what YOU can do, personally, to make this world and this country a better place. And I promise you that the solution isn’t choosing sides on kneel versus stand. You can make a difference, you just have to shut out the noise, find a little focus and perspective, and harness your inner voice.

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  1. And this is why I have decided to quit taking political sides. We need to quit pointing fingers and start working together!


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