Tax Reform Made Sexy


Tax Reform is back in the news as President Trump wants to reform the tax code. Every President and every politician brings this up, but nothing significant ever gets done. The reason nothing significant ever gets done is because the corporate elite benefit from the current tax code. Corporations like Texaco, who make record profits year after year pay no federal income tax because of loopholes in the tax code. Private companies like Blackwater make billions in no-bid government war contracts funded by our tax dollars. The prison industry has been sold of to private interests but gets paid for, completely, by your tax dollars. Doing anything significant to the tax code would ruin a good thing for a lot of powerful people. So, don’t expect anything signficant to change this time around, with Trump. Why should he be any different, regarding the tax code, than any of the other 8 Presidents of my lifetime? It’s all a sham, and it’s not set up to benefit you.

There is only one change that could be made that would make sense for the common citizen.

A tax plan that allowed each citizen to could choose where their tax dollars went to.

This would create competition, in government, and force divisions of government to do good work, to encourage tax payers to direct more of their money that way. This would provide a little more freedom to our democracy.

For example: you don’t like the EPA, So you send your taxes to the school board.
Or, you don’t like what the military is doing, so you pay your taxes to the welfare program.

This type of taxation takes the power away from the politicians and puts it in the hands of the population. That’s how a society should work.

In this plan there would no longer a “tax day” – instead, everyone is responsible for paying their taxes exactly six months after their date of birth. This way, taxes are rolling in all year long and government agencies are forced to run within the monthly budget of what they expect to recieve.

There is no more adding to the deficient under this plan because there is no more borrowing. The government is forced to behave like every one of us. It is forced to live within its means.

Each department posts its projects online on the government website. They post how much money they need for each project, and we see a running tally of how much money has gone to each department and each project.

A department doesn’t get enough money? Then a project doesnt get done, or people get laid off to get it done, or they put together a more appealing project, or maybe the whole department of government shuts down.

Giving individuals the ability to control where and how their tax dollars are spent gives the individual some power and some freedom. It would make people less bitter about paying taxes, less likely to cheat, and more enthusiastic about government in general. It would keep government honest, it would end no-bid contracts that cost the tax payers billions, and it would make for a more efficient government than the suck hole we currently have.

This is something we should be pushing for as a population. This makes sense for everyone out there except the corporate elite that are benefitting from no-bid contracts and subsidies and industries like the prison industry that have been “privatized” while getting paid for by your tax dollars.

This is the only path to an honest government that is held accountable for its work.


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