Privatizing War =’s A War That Will Never End

We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for 16 years. We’ve been told more than once that the war was ending.
That hasn’t happened.
Now we’re adding 4,000 troops to the effort.
We’ve privatized the effort.

I’m no military general, so I’m basically speaking out of school, but I wrote, in 2010, that we were fighting a war that we’d probably still be fighting a decade later.
It’s nearly a decade later.

Adding 4,000 troops isn’t going to end this war.
Privatizing the war hasn’t fixed anything.
In fact, when you privatize it, you almost guarantee that it will never end. I mean, think about it, companies are receiving BILLIONS of dollars to fight a war, from the government. Why on earth would they want to win that war and end it?
Just use some common sense and you understand that anyone making billions from a situation wants that situation to continue on.

There are only two ways out of this war.
#1) We come home, we close our borders, we build up Homeland security, and we let the Middle East deal with ISIS. ISIS can’t get to us if we don’t let them in.
#2) We take this war serious. We treat this war like WW2, we re-instate the draft, and we go in full-force and we don’t stop until ISIS is completely gone.

The idea that we can fight this war with drones is ridiculous. 80% of casualties in drone strikes are innocent civilians.
You know what happens when you kill innocent civilians?
You leave behind angry family members that are foaming at the mouth and ready to fight back.
You are literally creating more terrorists.

The most effective way to fight terrorism, historically, has been by educating the females of an illiterate population. You educate the women to read, you educate them about their rights, you empower them, a repressed people will rise up, and the terrorists will be pushed out. We’ve seen that over and again in world history.

That might have worked had we taken that strategy in 2002.
We are way beyond that at this point.
There are only two ways out of this war Now.
Full on blood bath where everyone in the country is forced to fight for this country if called upon.
Or we come home, protect our borders, and let them deal with ISIS over there.
Both of these options suck.
This is our reality.

I’m not a military expert.
But I am able to exercise logic.
I am able to see what’s gone down in history and extrapolate that down the line.
We need to pick a path and we need to be 100% on it.
What we’ve been doing to this point, if anything, has made the situation worse.
Brave men and women have fought and died with good intentions, families have been torn apart, yet we’ve not established a game plan or an end game, and it isn’t fair to those brave soldiers.
We need to commit to something.

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