War, It Ain’t For the Rich

I just watched Hacksaw Ridge on a flight. WW2 movie about a conscientious objector that enlists as a medic but refuses to take arms.
Really great movie.
Really fucking gory.
Many people are bothered by gore and won’t watch movies with gore in it.
Parents won’t let their kids watch gory movies.
I am bothered by gore.
I don’t let my kids watch gory horror movies.
But I would let them watch this.
War is gory. War is violent and bloody and complete hell. It’s important that our children understand what war is. It’s important that we, as adults, understand what it is. Thankfully, most people of my generation haven’t fought in a war. However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t fought in wars. We’ve been at war for the majority of my adult life. Most of us haven’t fought in wars because we no longer have drafts in this country. So, the people who fight are our poor, people without other options, and the bravest amongst us who choose to fight out of sheer patriotism.
If there were another draft in this country, there would be serious revolt against that war. The government doesn’t want that, the military doesn’t want that, the people who profit from war don’t want that, so they’ve found ways to fight these wars without forcing people to enlist.
But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention and trying, to the best of our abilities, to understand what happens in war.
I don’t know if war is a necessary evil or if war and violence simply leads to more war and violence. I’m not smart enough to come up with the correct answer to that.
I do; however, understand that war is horrible and should only be a last resort to fixing a problem. All other options must be exhausted entirely before we resort to killing each other.
We should never go to war without being fully aware of the consequences. And I’m of the belief that any war this country fights should be decided on by all of it’s people, not just a selected few individuals in elected office, whose decision making is compromised by the .01% that fund their campaigns, the same .01% that will never fight in any of the wars that they push us into.
Any war should be declared. It should be declared by the majority of the population. And once that decision is made, there should be a draft. Nobody should be exempt from war simply because they have the financial means to escape it.

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