Exercise =’s Feeling Better

I have exercised nearly every single day since I was fourteen years old.

That’s 30 years of going at it hard.

It’s not vanity that keeps me moving. I’m not lifting weights trying to get my body more attractive for the opposite sex. I rock climb three days a week and I walk or run four days a week and I do yoga weekly.

For me, it’s about pushing my body to its absolute limits.

I like knowing what I’m capable of.

I genuinely savor pushing myself to the point where I know that going for that next hand hold, could very easily make me vomit, or cause my muscles to seize up in complete fatigue.

I fail.
I recover.
I get better the next time.
I love this process.

I’ve been married for a decade. I’m not trying to impress anyone. Exercise has never been about trying to get girls.

Okay, that’s not entirely honest, from 18 to 25, it was a factor, sure. I’m human and male.

But even if I were a eunuch, I would’ve been at it. Nothing makes you feel better than setting your sites on an impossible physical goal, and then working your ass off until you hit that goal.

The first (and only) time I broke 4:10 in the mile was a day I’ll never forget.
The first time, at 29, I caught and rode a large wave in Hawaii will forever be with me.
The first time, at 44, I conquered an expert level climb was amazing.

If you are depressed, lethargic, feeling empty, lacking self-confidence, feeling unattractive, feeling a lack of motivation, feeling addicted to food, the very first thing you should try, before taking any medication or trying any diet, try putting yourself through an hour of RIGOROUS exercise, four times a week, for a month. Give your body a full month.

As a physical therapist, as a life long exercise-aholic, as an old man, I promise you that it will fix more problems in your life than anything else you’ve ever tried.


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