They don’t see color… Except green

Once again, we have an issue of corporate greed that is being confused with a racial issue.

Colin Kapernick is being black-balled, says Charles Barkley and many others. And maybe he is. However, he isn’t being black balled because NFL owners don’t like his political positions. He isn’t being black balled because NFL owners are racist – I mean, that suggestion makes no sense. 75% of the NFL is black. These guys aren’t racists.

They are greedy capitalistic pigs that make every single decision as it relates to their financial bottom line.

Colin Kapernick is being black balled because he did something that pissed off a lot of veterans and also because he pissed off a lot of racists.

Sign Colin Kapernick to your team and you run the risk of losing some fans. Some of those fans you will be losing because they are super pro-American, ex-military veterans that feel deep anger at what Kapernick did, and they have a right to feel that way, and they have a right to vote with their dollars by not supporting a team with him on it.

You don’t have to agree with them.

Sign Colin Kapernick to your team and you run the risk of losing some racist white fans that hate Colin Kapernick and what he did simply because he’s a black man championing black causes.

The NFL doesn’t necessarily care if they are losing fans because those fans have a legitimate gripe, or if they are losing those fans simply because those fans are racist. All they care about is the fact that they are losing fans, thus, losing dollars.

That’s bad for business.

They’d much rather put Kap out of work and keep their fans than pick any kind of position on this issue. What people fail to see, time and again, is that these people at the top, the .01%, they aren’t racist- they don’t make decisions based on the color of people’s skin- the only color they see is green, and all decisions are made according to that.

Look at the NBA- Look at what went down with Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling said some racist shit and the NBApulled his franchise away from him.

Did they do this because they are good guys and they wouldn’t stand for what Donald Sterling said?

No. That isn’t the case. Donald Sterling was a racist long before he said those things, and they were very well aware of it. There was a long track record of racist behavior that they let slide. Donald Sterling was a slum lord that actually acted out racist policies against his tenants that were much more horrible than a couple silly comments.

But he didn’t lose his team for any of that.

He lost his team for telling his young lover that it was okay for her to fuck black guys but not okay to take pictures with them.

She recorded it, it blew up social media, it was a nightmare for the NBA and they stood to lose millions if they didn’t act quickly.

They acted quickly and they removed him.

But don’t let them fool you about their intent. Their intent was about the money. It was about the green. It always is. So too is this ordeal with Kapernick.

It’s always about the money.

The rich, of all colors, sit in their lofty thrones made from the skins of peasants and they laugh at us all while we argue over trivial bull shit like skin pigment.
They take your fat stacks of cash and add another zero to their bank account everytime you cry a tear for something you legitimately care about.
They only see green.
And if you want to beat them, if you want Kap to get a job, if you believe in what he stands for, the only way to show them is to hit them in their bank account.

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