You Can’t Lose To a Girl

Married People conversations-

The Bride- “You’ve been stretching your wrist for over an hour, can you stop fidgeting?”

Me- I have to get more range of motion in it.

TB- Why?

Me- Because I can’t bend it enough to do a handstand.

TB- You can’t bend it because you have a screw in it that’s been there for twenty years since you decided to climb up on a horse and ride it drunk. Why do you suddenly need to get more motion?

Me- So I can do a handstand.

TB- Why do you need to do a handstand?

Me- Because I told Jillian we were having a handstand contest at Christmas.

TB- You’re trying to stretch your broken wrist, that has been frozen for 20+ years, so that you can win a handstand contest against your 7 year old niece? Dude.

Me- Exactly. I’m not about to lose to a seven year old girl.

TB- You’re insufferable.

Me- You are.


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